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  • Method Of Dating Glass Beads
  • Glass trade beads are one of the most commonly discovered, yet widely under-analyzed artifact types of the protohistoric period in the Great Plains region. Attempts to determine glass bead age based upon morphological characteristics have shown moderate success (Davis 1973; Karklins and Barka 1989; Reher and Scheiber 1993; Scheiber 1994) but are often underutilized or overlooked by researchers. More recently archaeologists have explored the use of chemical trace element analysis as a possible avenue for answering the same questions as morphological analysts but with more accurate and cost effective results (Billeck and Dussubieux 2005; Popelka et al. 2005; Robertshaw et al. 2003; Robertshaw et al. 2006). These studies have also shown moderate success while remaining underutilized tools for understanding the protohistoric period.